Witnessing to the World

We value an active and loving witness for Christ to all people.

To the Point

Diversity vs. demographics

Does your congregation tailor its ministries to a particular demographic? Read more »

A gospel for all people, bar none

by Peggy Mumper · One pastor uses city nightlife to minister to those who feel uneasy in traditional church settings. Read more »

Salvation and the restaurant

by Lynn Thrush · The Brethren in Christ Church, along with many other churches, is in these days describing salvation more broadly than as primarily an assent to the question “Will you receive Jesus Christ into your life so that you can go to heaven?” Read more »

Pop culture: mission field or menace?

by Brian Ross · By thoughtfully engaging pop culture, those of us in the Church can demonstrate that we truly care about the people we are trying to reach, even as we live for a different kingdom. Read more »