Living Simply

We value uncluttered lives, which free us to love boldly, give generously, and serve joyfully.

Thou shalt not be bored

by Jonny Rashid · When we de-clutter our lives, we may be surprised by what’s left within us Read more »


Tracing our history: Evangelicalism

A timeline of Evangelical thought and influence on the BIC Read more »

Letting go of appearances

by Ruth Dourte · The challenge to be clothed with Christ in order to share the good news Read more »

To the Point

The Evangelical stream

How did Brethren in Christ respond to Evangelicalism in the early days of its influence on our community? Read more »

O Canada . . . thank you

by Perry Engle · The new relationship between BIC Canada and BIC U.S. provides the opportunity to reflect on many encouraging interactions. Read more »

Learning to be

by Dan & Julie Weatherford · In the hustle and bustle of Southern California, one couple is growing intentional about rejecting busyness and excess in order to make space for God Read more »


The stove project

by Wayne Ridgeway · After losing his job, Wayne found it necessary to live more simply, which enabled him to cook up new ways to serve others. Read more »

The value of small

by E. Morris Sider · Experiencing the upsides of residing in close quarters Read more »

To the Point

Simple living in the local congregation

What is one decision that your church, as a community, has made that supports the BIC commitment to living simply? Read more »

In plenty or in want

by Perry Engle · I've determined that my commitment to a simple lifestyle has a lot more to do with the state of my heart than with the kind of car I’m driving. Read more »