Following Jesus

We value whole hearted obedience to Christ Jesus through the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit.

But why?

by David M. Csinos · The vital role of asking questions when God speaks to us. Read more »

An indelible mark

by Jeremy Tyrrell · We North Americans take pride in many things—our cars, our achievements, our kids’ accomplishments, our careers, our jam-packed schedules. This quest to impress has also infiltrated churches. So if God isn’t impressed by our “successes,” what does wow Him? Read more »

Following Jesus

by Harvey Sider · As we live in the Spirit and cultivate communication with the Lord, we can rest assured that our every step will be directed by God. To be genuine disciples, we must give wholehearted obedience to Jesus Christ. Read more »

On the tablet of your heart

by Doris J. Barr · The call to holy living is not a call to somber or austere living but a call to celebrate life as God intended, living as His holy people and reflecting His glory to the world. Read more »