Following Jesus

We value whole hearted obedience to Christ Jesus through the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit.


by Nicole Hoover · A husband’s incarceration leads to new insights on truth, mercy, and God’s unfaltering love Read more »


The 500 hour gift

by Michael Shipman · One church admits it doesn’t have it all together—and uses that as a starting place for service Read more »

To the Point

The Evangelical stream

How did Brethren in Christ respond to Evangelicalism in the early days of its influence on our community? Read more »

A second awakening

by Lynn Thrush · . . . to the substance and beauty of holiness Read more »


From the margins

by Kurt Willems · Following Jesus in a post-Christian culture Read more »


What can happen when we take Jesus’ words seriously

by Glenn “Woody” Dalton · In the late 1990s, our church, Harrisburg BIC, was an almost entirely white congregation set in a largely African-American community. I came to realize we needed to either "get in or get out" of this community. Read more »

Sara Donovall


"You need to go out for roller derby." This was the message that reached Sara Donovall during prayer. Read more »

A life consecrated to God

by Nancy Martin · My journey toward greater physical and spiritual health. Read more »

But why?

by David M. Csinos · The vital role of asking questions when God speaks to us. Read more »

A second look at the second helping

by Lawrence Olson · For far too long, we’ve avoided the topic of weight. But in our denial, we have neglected to remember that leading a sanctified life means pursuing health—mental, spiritual, and physical. And if this shift in priorities should start anywhere, it should be in the community of faith. Read more »