Belonging to the Community of Faith

We value integrity in relationships and mutual accountability in an atmosphere of grace, love, and acceptance.

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Global fellowship

How are you connecting to, learning from, and serving with the worldwide family of faith? Read more »

No barriers between us

by Nancy J. Patrick · Enabling people of all (dis)abilities to take part in the community of faith Read more »


Belonging to the COMMUNITY of faith

by Dulcimer Hope Brubaker · Reaching beyond social comfort to pursue community Read more »

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BIC blessing

What is one way that you've been blessed by the unique community we have as BIC? Read more »


by Matt Tuckey · The YMCA isn't a church, but it sure know something about bringing people together. Read more »

A time of transition

by Charlie B. Byers · A look at how 60 years ago, God transformed the BIC Church into a more welcoming and loving community Read more »

Boomers transform church (again)

by Michelle Brenneman · As North American demographics undergo a dramatic shift, the Church has a unique opportunity to re-imagine its relationship with aging. Read more »


Miracle at Frankford and Tioga

by Jane A. Clinton · By “planting seeds” of hope and faith in people who struggle with addictions and homelessness, the Valentins have helped make this Philadelphia neighborhood safer. Read more »