Heritage & Horizons

by Heather Brickner, Adam Forry, Grace Holland, Ray Kipe, Jane Kramer, Alan Claassen Thrush · Staying faithful to God’s word, then and now Read more »

To the Point

Barriers to truth

Members of our BIC community weigh in on the question: In today’s world, what is the biggest challenge to building our lives on God’s truth? Read more »

The grand story

by Perry Engle · My exhilarating trek through the Bible in 90 days Read more »

Ever wondered . . . what’s community?

Defining community Read more »


Bare feet and humble hearts Read more »

The United States of isolation

Statistics regarding a non-communal faith in the U.S. Read more »

The beauty in the mess

by Sarah White · Following Jesus and finding community Read more »

The mosaic of us

by Alan Robinson, with Dulcimer Hope Brubaker · Where God artfully fits together our past, present, and future as Brethren in Christ Read more »


by Chelsea Dawn · When believers from South Florida crossed borders to share their faith, God didn’t just add to their number. He multiplied. Read more »

To the Point

We have this hope

Local leaders from all over the country weigh in on their hopes and excitement about where God is leading us as a body of believers. Read more »