Study guides, books, and additional materials

...for churches

Church health

Like a doctor performing a check-up on a patient, it is important for church leaders to assess the health of their congregation. Use these materials to check the pulse and examine the heart of your congregation:

Vital Signs Continuum—This survey, to be completed by congregants, will indicate the health of your congregation in different areas.
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Vital Signs Checklist—This survey, to be completed by congregants or leaders in your church, will indicate how well your church’s ministries support your congregation’s health.
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Church Health Bookmark—This bookmark can be distributed to your church body to remind everyone of the characteristics of a healthy congregation.
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...for small groups and individuals

BIC Core Values

“Focused and faithful: Living our Core Values”—This 12-week study provides a fresh, practical, and action-focused look at the 10 Core Values that define who the Brethren in Christ are as a people of God. The curriculum builds on the book Focusing Our Faith: Brethren in Christ Core Values. Order for $25 (US) »

Experiencing God

“Living in God’s abundant grace: Sabbath as a source for an abundant life”— An accompaniment to “In Search of the Sabbath,” a feature article by Valerie Weaver-Zercher, this study guide encourages believers to go beyond legalistic and self-centered forms of Sabbath-keeping.
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Pursuing peace

“Making peace with your family”—Certified pastoral counselor Glenn Robitaille leads participants through four sessions to help them examine what the Bible has to say about living at peace with one another and how their interpersonal relationships hold up to the light of Scripture. Download study guide (pdf) »

“Inglorious pastors: Waging peace in a world of war”—Bruxy Cavey, teaching pastor at The Meeting House (Oakville, ON), shares the story of 16th century Anabaptists who rebelled against the trappings of religion and rejected all forms of violence. Learn from the teachings of Jesus, embodied in the lives—and deaths—of these Inglorious Pastors. Explore series »

“Shalom! A journal for the practice of reconciliation”—A quarterly publication of the BIC Church, “Shalom!” seeks to educate and stimulate readers toward Christ-like responses to the needs of society by providing diverse perspectives on an array of contemporary issues. “Shalom!” is a great small group discussion tool. Read more »


“When the righteous pray”—This booklet provides creative suggestions for planning corporate prayer events and programs. From prayer assemblies to prayer walks.
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“Relying on God”—Adapted from an article by Rob Patterson, bishop of the Allegheny Regional Conference, and a chapter written by Jay E. McDermond in the book Focusing our faith, this five-session study is a wonderful tool for learning to hear God’s voice through a series of practical exercises. Download study guide (pdf) »

“God talks for teens”— Written by Brian McCann, the former pastor-in-residence at Grantham (Pa.) BIC Church, “God talks for teens” is filled with practical suggestions and prayer techniques that are sure to enrich youths’ conversations with God. Download study guide (pdf) »

Living simply

“Living simply: A Core Value of the Brethren in Christ”— This 12-week, DVD- and discussion-based study explores the attitudes and practices of living simply in our local communities, as well as biblical insight into the relationship between the material world and kingdom values. Order for $20 (US) »

“Living simply”—This five-session study guide explores the biblical basis for living simply. and leads you through a process of clearing the clutter from your own life, freeing yourself up to give more time, love, and money to those who need it. Download study guide (pdf) »


“Second callings: Retirement and vocation from a biblical perspective”—Drawing on the experiences of the individuals profiled in the “Second Callings” feature article by Peggy Mumper, of Harrisburg (Pa.) BIC, this four-session study examines the role of older people in the Church, the opportunity to find a post-career vocation, the effects aging has or does not have on one’s faith, retirees’ responsibility to the Church, and more.
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Witnessing to the world

“Reality faith: Risking it all to serve God”— As Christians, we are striving for the ultimate prize, but how much are we willing to risk for our faith? Brian McCann’s four-session study guide provides small groups and individuals with biblical wisdom on living boldly and unashamedly for Christ. Download study guide (pdf) »

Women in ministry

“Women as pastors: The Brethren in Christ perspective”—This 12-week, DVD- and discussion-based study examines the biblical foundation for the BIC stance that women may serve as pastors. Centered on the theme of story, the lessons draw from Old and New Testament readings, the BIC Church's historical journey, and real-life accounts from women pastors in the church family. Order for $25 (US) »

Worshipping God

“Seeking worship”—Focusing on building an understanding of what worship is and why we do it, this four-session guide explores a variety of worship experiences—from public and provide expressions of worship to preparing your heart for a lifestyle of worship. Download study guide (pdf) »