Stories of BIC people

Tim and Earl have a fight

by Perry Engle · It was a big deal when Tim and Earl found themselves in disagreement. But the biggest deal of all was how these brothers decided to handle the aftermath of their falling-out. Read more »

Mimi Copp

Mimi Copp

Although arrested for her actions, she had a hand in closing one of Philadelphia’s worst-offending gun distributors in 2009. Now, this peacemaker is going on a listening tour to discover new ways to serve those affected by war. Mimi Copp is ready for your questions. Read more »

Fackler family

Meeting special needs

by Kelly Funk · How one woman’s availability to a child with special needs transformed the whole family. Read more »

Disarming witness

by Dulcimer Hope Brubaker · How one couple dares to share Christ on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Read more »

Boomers transform church (again)

by Michelle Brenneman · As North American demographics undergo a dramatic shift, the Church has a unique opportunity to re-imagine its relationship with aging. Read more »


Of sheep and wolves

by Perry Engle · I’ve always liked commissioning services where pastors and others are blessed for work within the Church. But I’ve come to consider it a shame that we don’t go to the same lengths for those who head out into the workplace every day. Read more »

Photo gallery

Walking “enemy” lines

It took nearly a week for the 65 participants from Mennonite Central Committee and several other organizations to complete the 75-mile walk from Sasabe, Mexico to Tuscon, Ariz., in the grueling summer heat. View photos »

Andrés Carrodeguas

Andrés Carrodeguas

As a young man, he joined a brotherhood and took the vow of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Today, he and his wife of 33 years have three children and eight grandchildren. What prompted the change from monk to married man? Andrés Carrodeguas is ready for your questions. Read more »


A life consecrated to God

by Nancy Martin · My journey toward greater physical and spiritual health. Read more »

A gospel for all people, bar none

by Peggy Mumper · One pastor uses city nightlife to minister to those who feel uneasy in traditional church settings. Read more »