Winter 2012

Tracing our history: Anabaptism

A timeline of Anabaptist thought and influence on the BIC Read more »

Bold, sweetened, with a little bit of room

by Perry Engle · Sometimes a denomination is like a good cup of coffee Read more »

To the Point

The Anabaptist stream

What difference does Anabaptism make in our beliefs and church life? Read more »


Chasing after peace: An autobiography

by Harriet Sider Bicksler · How a shy missionary kid ended up becoming a peace and justice advocate in the Anabaptist tradition Read more »


From the margins

by Kurt Willems · Following Jesus in a post-Christian culture Read more »


What can happen when we take Jesus’ words seriously

by Glenn “Woody” Dalton · In the late 1990s, our church, Harrisburg BIC, was an almost entirely white congregation set in a largely African-American community. I came to realize we needed to either "get in or get out" of this community. Read more »


A philosophy of love

by Jay Johnson · What the Civil Rights Movement and Anabaptism have in common Read more »



A Malawian believer pursues relational reconciliation in the spiritual realm Read more »

Ever wondered . . . what's Anabaptism?

Defining the Anabaptist stream of our theological heritage. Read more »