Winter 2007

Blazing a new trail

by Devin C. Manzullo-Thomas · New Trail Fellowship, which has emerged out of a Bible study group, welcomes “country music lovers, cowboys, and country folk,” some of whom journey up to 50 miles to worship in the barn-turned-church. Read more »

Leaving home to find it

by Lisa Brown · A BIC family moves from suburbs to rural reaches of Canada to serve First Nations community. Read more »

Miracle at Frankford and Tioga

by Jane A. Clinton · By “planting seeds” of hope and faith in people who struggle with addictions and homelessness, the Valentins have helped make this Philadelphia neighborhood safer. Read more »

Back-to-school blessings

by Debra Bremer · Pastor Oscar Burgueno Soto and BIC lay leader David Watring founded the Kingdom Coalition to distribute needed items to the families of migrant farm workers in Mexico. Read more »

Willing to learn

by Devin C. Manzullo-Thomas · K.B. Hoover reflects on almost a century-long journey of faith. Read more »

Following Jesus

by Harvey Sider · As we live in the Spirit and cultivate communication with the Lord, we can rest assured that our every step will be directed by God. To be genuine disciples, we must give wholehearted obedience to Jesus Christ. Read more »

On the tablet of your heart

by Doris J. Barr · The call to holy living is not a call to somber or austere living but a call to celebrate life as God intended, living as His holy people and reflecting His glory to the world. Read more »

Joy to the world religion is dead

by Timothy W. Fisher · Jesus didn’t come to establish a new religion or to add the religion of Christianity to the rest. Jesus came to put an end to religion. He came to reveal a brand-new way of relationship to God, and with God. Read more »

Pop culture: mission field or menace?

by Brian Ross · By thoughtfully engaging pop culture, those of us in the Church can demonstrate that we truly care about the people we are trying to reach, even as we live for a different kingdom. Read more »

Without curling up in a ball

by Devin C. Manzullo-Thomas · Looking for truth in popular music. Read more »

To the Point

Reflecting on holiness

Pastors Ken Smith, Jeff T. McKinnon, and John Pletcher weigh in on what holiness means in the 21st century. Read more »

Holy incarnation

by Perry Engle · I’ve always heard that Christ-followers are to “be in the world, but not of it.” And that’s great, except that living in the world makes it entirely unlikely that some of the world won’t find its way onto you. Read more »