Summer 2013

Ever wondered . . . what’s Wesleyanism?

Defining the Wesleyan stream of our theological heritage Read more »


A community art show offers visions of peace. Read more »


Tracing our history: Wesleyanism

A timeline of Wesleyan thought and influence on the BIC Read more »

Continual fulfillment

by Mirta Colloca · Empowered by the Holy Spirit, one woman discovers her call to pastoral ministry Read more »

A second awakening

by Lynn Thrush · . . . to the substance and beauty of holiness Read more »


Wild formation

by Keith Miller · One church planter’s challenge to follow the (untameable and unpredictable) Holy Spirit Read more »

Warren and Connie Hoffman

Where Christ may dwell

by Connie Hoffman · Growing up in the Brethren in Christ Church, I prayed to receive Christ at an early age. Although I remember hearing a lot about the “holy life," it seemed vague and unattainable. Read more »

To the Point

The Wesleyan stream

What are some unexpected ways you’ve seen the Holy Spirit lead people into worship? Read more »

The holiness workout

by Perry Engle · A call to experience a higher quality of life Read more »