Summer 2008

Glenn and Joyce Ginder

A real joy ride

by Meadow Piepho · Glenn and Joyce Ginder have been taking a drive down a new road in their lives . . . quite literally. Read more »

Christine Sharp

BICWM welcomes new leader

Listening to Christine Sharp talk about her move from the local church to a global ministry, it is immediately evident that this is someone for whom geography is not a limiting factor. Read more »

Compassion Forum

Faith and politics meet at Messiah

On April 13, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the Democratic candidates for the U.S. presidency, participated in a Compassion Forum held at Messiah College. Read more »

Stepping out

by Hope Newcomer · In September 2007, Karen Hess found herself transitioning from mobilizing others for overseas missions to preparing herself for it. Read more »

Witnessing begins where we stand

by Craig E. Sider · Witnessing begins at home, but moves continually outward to all nations. Read more »

From Commandment to Commission

by Nancy R. Heisey · Creating a community in Christ Read more »

Four more at the table

by Heather Hershey · Four years ago, when Van and Sung Hmung fled their home in Myanmar, they didn’t know that God was already preparing a table for them in a far-off place called Lancaster, Pa. Read more »

Finding God on the Internet

by Joel Percy · It is no secret that the internet is changing how we think and relate to one another in the twenty-first century. Read more »

To the Point

Reflecting on short-term missions

What long-term value is found in short-term missions? Read more »

My Salvadoran baptism

by Perry Engle · Unexpected lessons learned from the family of faith in El Salvador Read more »