Spring 2013

Ever wondered . . . what’s Pietism?

Defining the Pietist stream of our theological heritage. Read more »


Serving victims of Hurricane Sandy Read more »

Tracing our history: Pietism

A timeline of Pietist thought and influence on the BIC Read more »

Coming home to grace

by Zach Spidel · One disciple’s journey to Jesus leads to unexpected places Read more »

A defining moment

by Devin C. Manzullo-Thomas · How Pietism transformed the Brethren in Christ—and has potential to do so again Read more »


Embodied mercy

by Kimberly Forry · God’s blessings revealed in the flesh Read more »


Rising hope

by Deb Wiles · How God’s love redeems the deepest wounds to offer new vision Read more »

To the Point

The Pietist stream

How does Pietism shape our stories of conversion and faith? Read more »

The date in the front of my Bible

by Perry Engle · Of Pietism and one young man’s decision to follow Jesus Read more »