Spring 2011

To the Point

The peace piece

Do you teach peace and nonviolence at your church? Read more »

The end of AIDS?

by Kristine N. Frey · A Brethren in Christ doctor in Macha, Zambia, envisions a future free of HIV/AIDS, and he thinks he and his colleagues have a way to make it happen. That’s because they’ve done it before—with malaria. Read more »


Tim and Earl have a fight

by Perry Engle · It was a big deal when Tim and Earl found themselves in disagreement. But the biggest deal of all was how these brothers decided to handle the aftermath of their falling-out. Read more »

NeedToBreathe - The Outsiders

NeedToBreathe: The Outsiders

by Greg Mashinter · NeedToBreathe's third album, The Outsiders is innovative and catchy without being hollow, and captures the essence of a new alternative rock sound fused with old-time folk. Read more »

Like or Dislike

by Beth Claassen Thrush · Over the past four years, Beth Claassen Thrush and her family have been living in Nicaragua, where access to new technologies is limited. Now, as they return to life in the U.S., Beth shares about their experiences in grappling with the banes and boons of the tech-boom. Read more »

Keeping the peace

by Harriet Sider Bicksler & Curtis Book · We say we’re committed to nonviolence, but do our actions and words agree? Read more »


From Christ to combat

by Bruxy Cavey · In the 300 years following Christ’s death, leaders in the Early Church disagreed about all sorts of issues, but they spoke unanimously about one: violence of any kind among followers of Christ. Read more »

Mimi Copp

Mimi Copp

Although arrested for her actions, she had a hand in closing one of Philadelphia’s worst-offending gun distributors in 2009. Now, this peacemaker is going on a listening tour to discover new ways to serve those affected by war. Mimi Copp is ready for your questions. Read more »