Spring 2010

A Good Friday journey into shadows

by Rebecca Ebersole Kasparek · In search of a hope that passes understanding Read more »

Letting go of our lifeboats

by John Reitz · There will always come a time when we realize that our “safe places” are not truly secure. Read more »


by Perry Engle · Repairing the plaster walls of an old house is an ongoing chore, but this was no ordinary crack. Actually, it could better be described as a cut, or a gash, or even a wound, but it was time to fix it nonetheless. Read more »

Bringing God into the game

by Ruth Rosentrater · For many in North America, the relationship between the sports and religion has grown so strong that they are virtually indistinguishable, and the world of sport has become a religion itself. Read more »

To the Point

How can we make sense of times when God seems unreliable from a human perspective?

Pastors Tracie M. Hunter, Darrell Smucker, Dan Longmore, and Larry Olson share their thoughts. Read more »