Spring 2009

Stuffed to overflowing

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A marathon effort

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City of God, city of change

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More than an after-school snack

by Kimberly Forry · Read more »

How Anita found Joy(Shop)

by Ruth Rosentrater · Through the anguish of teenage pregnancy, one woman discovered the delight found in the word of God Read more »

Reading God’s restoration plan

by Alan Robinson · Read more »

What’s hermeneutics got to do with it?

by Bruxy Cavey · The Bible: It’s God’s revelation to humankind and the believer’s touchstone for evaluating truth. But do we understand it? Read more »

Practically speaking

BIC members discuss the role of Scripture in their everyday lives Read more »

The good (and bad) news about niche Bibles

by Pat McCullough · Read more »

To the Point

The sacred Scriptures

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God’s hilarious word

by Perry Engle · Finding comedy in the unexpected humanity in the Bible Read more »