Fall 2012

By the numbers

New statistics from around the world provide perspective on the scope of the BIC community and our role in it. Read more »

Called together

Ideas from members of the International Brethren in Christ Association offer a powerful vision of accountability, coordination, and community across the Church. Read more »

Our global witness

A map of good news Read more »

Identity in Christ

by Darrell Winger · Responding to a prophetic call for global community Read more »

Ever wondered . . . what is a General Conference?

Read more »


O Canada . . . thank you

by Perry Engle · The new relationship between BIC Canada and BIC U.S. provides the opportunity to reflect on many encouraging interactions. Read more »

Kingdom-living in a virtual context

by Jessica Stenz · What implications does our rapidly changing technological culture have for the Church? Read more »

Empowering mission

by Christine A. Sharp · How BIC World Missions has helped shape an increasingly interdependent global Church Read more »

Rhoda Lee

FOCUS: Early inklings of global outreach

How one woman's bold challenge moved the BIC Church to take action Read more »