Fall 2010

A gospel for all people, bar none

by Peggy Mumper · One pastor uses city nightlife to minister to those who feel uneasy in traditional church settings. Read more »

Maddy Engle

She’s survived growing up as a bishop’s daughter and her first year at Messiah College (Grantham, Pa.). As she completes her summer internship with the Atlantic Conference, this California girl talks about life, learning, and her newfound love for the countryside. Maddy Engle is ready for your questions. Read more »

A gain or a loss?

by John Zuck · I remember expecting that following Jesus would be costly. I’d need to turn my back on all that was fun and instead lead a hard life. But I discovered that life in Christ does not doom us to lifelong misery and suffering. Read more »

Following Jesus through sweat and tears

by Perry Engle · As afternoon turned to evening, on a hill a mile or so from the BIC Navajo Mission, I joined with a group of Native American men for a sweat in a homemade lodge. Read more »

To the Point

In the parable of the two lost sons, to which son do you relate?

In the parable of the two lost sons (Luke 15:11–32), to which son do you relate to most, and how does your church minister to both older and younger brothers? Read more »

A second look at the second helping

by Lawrence Olson · For far too long, we’ve avoided the topic of weight. But in our denial, we have neglected to remember that leading a sanctified life means pursuing health—mental, spiritual, and physical. And if this shift in priorities should start anywhere, it should be in the community of faith. Read more »

But why?

by David M. Csinos · The vital role of asking questions when God speaks to us. Read more »

Paperwork, patience & pride

by Devin C. Manzullo-Thomas · Gloria James walks the "long road to residency" with would-be U.S. immigrants, one application at a time. Read more »