Fall 2009

Something the world doesn’t understand

by Meadow Piepho · Denise Conway used to believe that a pregnancy due to rape was the one exception to her pro-life stance on abortion. But when she found herself in that exact situation 11 years ago, she knew it wasn’t the right decision for her. Read more »

Called to suffer and not to fight

by Harriet Bicksler · Recognizing that God created each person in His image, we reject violence in all its forms. But we also reject the conclusion that peacemaking is passive. Read more »

From pro-life to all-life

by Perry Engle · Have you ever considered that the cause of the pro-life movement and the witness of Christians in general might be helped by broadening the definition of what it means to be pro-life? Read more »


When aging changes its tune

by Emerson Lesher · Young@Heart is great for persons age 12 to 112. But don’t let the word “documentary” scare you; this fun flick will make you laugh and cry, appreciate rock in a new way, and may even challenge you to write a new story about aging. Read more »

The duet of service

by Rachel Petersen · Walking alongside individuals with mental illness is not for the faint of heart. In his most recent film, The Soloist, director Joe Wright portrays the often agonizing struggles faced by those who cast their lots with persons in this particularly marginalized sector of society. Read more »

The visitor and the host

by Rachel Diaz · The Visitor challenges us to think about the “visitors” around us and—more importantly—about how we might open ourselves up to change as we welcome them into our lives. Read more »