Fall 2008

Not alone in Zimbabwe

BIC global workers Steve and Chris Newcomer return to Zimbabwe at the invitation of the Zimbabwean BIC Church. Read more »

Where faith and politics meet

A council bridging denominational and ethnic boundaries prays for spiritual renewal in their community's congregations and city hall. Read more »

Preaching from a paper pulpit

Once a month, church planter Ken Abell wraps the good news in a column for his local newspaper, and he prays that God will work through his words. Read more »

Practicing compassion

by Lois A. Saylor · One semester abroad changed the professional plans of lawyer Patrick Cicero. Read more »

A higher commitment

by Ronald J. Sider · If we’re going to be Christians in politics, Jesus must be Lord—not instant effectiveness, not what the world thinks is right. Read more »

Torn between two kingdoms

by Darrell S. Winger · Political involvement as followers of Christ Read more »

Everyday politics, everyday faith

by Rebekah Basinger and Kristine Frey · For Harold Gleason and his family at Bethany BIC Church (Thomas, Okla.), God’s blessings and opportunities for expansion have come from living out their faith through community service and civic engagement. Read more »

Philanthrotainment: The Branding of Compassion

by Devin Thomas · Does celebrity activism motivate the masses—or merely glamorize giving? Read more »

To the Point

Reflecting on church & state

What are appropriate expressions of patriotism in the Church? How does your church navigate the issues of displaying flags, recognizing national holidays, and praying for political leaders? Read more »

Ever wondered . . . What is a conscientious objector?

Read more »

God bless America—and everyone else, for that matter

by Perry Engle · The phrase “God Bless America” has become so ubiquitous in American life, especially in evangelical circles... But there seem to be other meanings that have crept into the phrase as well, and these tend to make me more uneasy. Read more »