Feature articles

An indelible mark

by Jeremy Tyrrell · We North Americans take pride in many things—our cars, our achievements, our kids’ accomplishments, our careers, our jam-packed schedules. This quest to impress has also infiltrated churches. So if God isn’t impressed by our “successes,” what does wow Him? Read more »

What’s hermeneutics got to do with it?

by Bruxy Cavey · The Bible: It’s God’s revelation to humankind and the believer’s touchstone for evaluating truth. But do we understand it? Read more »

Practically speaking

BIC members discuss the role of Scripture in their everyday lives Read more »


by Mary D. France · One bankruptcy judge shares about debt, faith, and how to keep your budget Read more »

Outsourcing opportunity

by Laurie Brown · A BIC entrepreneur uses global markets to do God's work Read more »

Torn between two kingdoms

by Darrell S. Winger · Political involvement as followers of Christ Read more »

Everyday politics, everyday faith

by Rebekah Basinger and Kristine Frey · For Harold Gleason and his family at Bethany BIC Church (Thomas, Okla.), God’s blessings and opportunities for expansion have come from living out their faith through community service and civic engagement. Read more »

From Commandment to Commission

by Nancy R. Heisey · Creating a community in Christ Read more »

Four more at the table

by Heather Hershey · Four years ago, when Van and Sung Hmung fled their home in Myanmar, they didn’t know that God was already preparing a table for them in a far-off place called Lancaster, Pa. Read more »

Forsaking a halfway covenant

by Luke L. Keefer · Five ingredients for becoming a true disciple. Read more »