Feature articles

Chasing after peace: An autobiography

by Harriet Sider Bicksler · How a shy missionary kid ended up becoming a peace and justice advocate in the Anabaptist tradition Read more »


From the margins

by Kurt Willems · Following Jesus in a post-Christian culture Read more »


What can happen when we take Jesus’ words seriously

by Glenn “Woody” Dalton · In the late 1990s, our church, Harrisburg BIC, was an almost entirely white congregation set in a largely African-American community. I came to realize we needed to either "get in or get out" of this community. Read more »


By the numbers

New statistics from around the world provide perspective on the scope of the BIC community and our role in it. Read more »

Called together

Ideas from members of the International Brethren in Christ Association offer a powerful vision of accountability, coordination, and community across the Church. Read more »

Our global witness

A map of good news Read more »

Identity in Christ

by Darrell Winger · Responding to a prophetic call for global community Read more »

You found me

Young adults in the BIC talk about their faith, their friends, and why they’ve decided to remain a part of the Church Read more »

You lost me

by David Kinnaman · Why young Christians are leaving the Church . . . and rethinking faith Read more »


Identity mixes

by Leslie Gates · One metaphor that helped me understand God’s masterful orchestration of my life’s seasons Read more »