Exploring faith and popular culture

A life consecrated to God

by Nancy Martin · My journey toward greater physical and spiritual health. Read more »

Moderation & variation

Add these meals to your culinary repertoire. Read more »

A second look at the second helping

by Lawrence Olson · For far too long, we’ve avoided the topic of weight. But in our denial, we have neglected to remember that leading a sanctified life means pursuing health—mental, spiritual, and physical. And if this shift in priorities should start anywhere, it should be in the community of faith. Read more »

Bringing God into the game

by Ruth Rosentrater · For many in North America, the relationship between the sports and religion has grown so strong that they are virtually indistinguishable, and the world of sport has become a religion itself. Read more »

(In)voluntary service

by Chad Frey · How can people’s service be authentic if they lack the desire and are being forced into it? Yet, the act of getting involved can often transform the hearts and minds of even the most unwilling participants. Read more »

Blessed by Praying with Lior

by Rebekah Burch Basinger · When we learned that our newborn grandson had Down syndrome, I worried about whether this precious boy would ever find a spiritual home. Then I happened upon the moving documentary Praying with Lior. Read more »

When aging changes its tune

by Emerson Lesher · Young@Heart is great for persons age 12 to 112. But don’t let the word “documentary” scare you; this fun flick will make you laugh and cry, appreciate rock in a new way, and may even challenge you to write a new story about aging. Read more »

The visitor and the host

by Rachel Diaz · The Visitor challenges us to think about the “visitors” around us and—more importantly—about how we might open ourselves up to change as we welcome them into our lives. Read more »

The duet of service

by Rachel Petersen · Walking alongside individuals with mental illness is not for the faint of heart. In his most recent film, The Soloist, director Joe Wright portrays the often agonizing struggles faced by those who cast their lots with persons in this particularly marginalized sector of society. Read more »

The good (and bad) news about niche Bibles

by Pat McCullough · Read more »