Exploring faith and popular culture

Kingdom-living in a virtual context

by Jessica Stenz · What implications does our rapidly changing technological culture have for the Church? Read more »

Let the water flow

by Carla Langley · What can a Hollywood film teach us about Christian baptism? Read more »

Changing channels

by Jacob Evers · Hearing from God through an unexpected medium: popular TV Read more »


Sufficient sounds

by Scott Elkins · One song is about ability. The other is about inability. But I see truth in both. Read more »



by Matt Tuckey · The YMCA isn't a church, but it sure know something about bringing people together. Read more »

Simple living becomes stylish

by Valerie Weaver-Zercher · Thrift and frugality weren’t always as cool as they seem to be today. Remember the ‘90s? So what is our response to the sudden interest in economy, and how does our view of minimalism compare to society’s? Read more »

NeedToBreathe - The Outsiders

NeedToBreathe: The Outsiders

by Greg Mashinter · NeedToBreathe's third album, The Outsiders is innovative and catchy without being hollow, and captures the essence of a new alternative rock sound fused with old-time folk. Read more »

Like or Dislike

by Beth Claassen Thrush · Over the past four years, Beth Claassen Thrush and her family have been living in Nicaragua, where access to new technologies is limited. Now, as they return to life in the U.S., Beth shares about their experiences in grappling with the banes and boons of the tech-boom. Read more »

Sara Groves—Fireflies and Songs

by Michelle Foster · Fireflies and Songs is not necessarily a Christian album; it is more about life, and it genuinely captures the way that faith can intersect with many experiences, including marriage, relationships, and common struggles. Read more »

The life and times of Christian hipsters

by Jeff Miller · “Cool.” The word has had little to do with Christianity. That is, until now. And for author Brett McCracken, this brings up a whole lot of questions—questions that he explores in his new book Hipster Christianity: When church and cool collide. Read more »