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Global fellowship

How are you connecting to, learning from, and serving with the worldwide family of faith? Keith Tyson Ashland (Ohio) BIC

This spring, I’m taking a six-week sabbatical trip to India, Tanzania, Kenya, and Britain. I want to learn from these brothers and sisters—what keeps them strong and what challenges they face, even as they faithfully minister. At the same time, I’m eager to accept their invitation for me to teach and share out of the training I’ve received. It’s exciting to be a part of this type of exchange where all parties are learning and growing together, based upon the unique resources and experiences we have been given!

Timothy Fisher Walkersville (Md.) Community Church

Walkersville Community Church has partnered with a missions organization, Ekta Indian Missions, by providing an office in the church free of charge. The church has also partnered with Ekta by providing local volunteer staff and clothing and materials for a Vacation Bible School in India.

In addition, our church has recently welcomed a Spanish-speaking congregation to use our facilities for its services.

Jeremy Blount Pathway Community Church (York, Pa.)

We have a vision for Pathway to become a congregation that is for the nations. As we look into what this means for our church, we want to commit by praying, giving, and going.

For the past several years, we have given to support the work of God around the world through BIC Cooperative Ministries. We have also partnered with other organizations in our giving efforts. And for the last couple of years, we have taken teams to support the work of BIC workers serving at the Navajo BIC Mission (Bloomfield, N.M.).

Grace Holland Dillsburg (Pa.) BIC

For more than 10 years, groups of believers have prayed for the BIC Church by using the Prayer Focus, a list of prayer requests and praises from around the world that I compile each week. It is posted online at bic-church.org/connect/prayer/prayer_focus.asp. I hear from people who appreciate being connected and use the Prayer Focus for personal prayer times, as well as for group prayer meetings.

Praying is a powerful ministry that anyone can do. It connects us with all of our brothers and sisters around the world. We can learn of God’s work in battles and victories everywhere. It’s been amazing to see how, with almost every request in the Prayer Focus, there is a praise for some other need that was met—and often, that need was prayed for in a previous week. .

This article originally appeared in the spring 2012 issue of In Part magazine.

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