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What is one way that you've been blessed by the unique community we have as BIC? Daniel Horwitz New Vision BIC (Pewaukee, Wis.)

In my 19 years of being a part of the BIC, I’ve appreciated the freedom to explore relationship with Jesus in novel ways, with the protection of a multi- national, multicultural body to keep me on track.

Alex Alvarado Ciudad de Dios (San José, Costa Rica)

When I tell my ministry colleagues that after working as an independent church for so many years, we’ve joined a denomination, they go into shock. They get even more surprised when I tell them about the history, the values, and the outlook on life and faith of the BIC. It is very important that through- out history, the BIC has demonstrated a lifestyle and an experience of extraordinary faith. We are grateful to God for being part of this family.

Sam Gates TheWell Church (Waynesboro, Pa.)

My wife, Leslie, and I visited a BIC church for the first time seven years ago, after moving to a new town. When we learned about the BIC Core Values through a membership class, we both felt that the BIC was the place for us. Through our experience of attend- ing and now pastoring a BIC church, we have grown in our appreciation for the diversity of members, godly leadership, and strong support for world missions that are part of the DNA of the BIC Church.

Todd Hammond Highland BIC (West Milton, Ohio)

I have been a part of the BIC for a little more than three years and have been blessed most by the support and care the BIC gives to its pastors. The BIC not only emphasizes lifelong learning by offering opportunities such as Core Courses and Impact Seminars, but regional and denominational leaders provide practical and financial support to participate in professional growth events, like the Ministry Enrichment Retreat. Upon returning from the recent Great Lakes Conference Pastors and Spouses Retreat, my wife, Andi, commented, “The BIC sure knows how to take care of its pastors.”

Lisa Tomarelli Daybreak Community Church (Royersford, Pa.)

In my last 10 years as part of this community, I’ve learned that the BIC has, at its core, bible-based beliefs like many other churches, but the applica- tion of these beliefs is what makes the difference. I saw this in a tangible way the first time I attended an Atlantic Conference gathering. I was amazed at the variety of BIC church members in attendance. They ranged from conservative to modern, of various ages and ethnicities, all bonding to form this BIC family.

Janet Young Pathway BIC (Kitchener, ON)

Thank God for BIC scholars! In my 10 years as part of the BIC, I have been enriched by spiritual teachers—like Owen Alderfer, Martin Schrag, Luke Keefer, Jr., Henry Ginder, Eric Seibert, Ron Sider, and Terry Brensinger—and historians—such as Morris Sider and Carlton Wittlinger—as well as by our journal, Brethren in Christ History and Life.

Ryan Cobb Manor Church (Lancaster, Pa.)

I have been a part of the BIC com- munity for about two years now and have found it to be extremely generous. I have been blessed many times by people lending a hand. For example, helping build a fence for my dogs, no questions asked, just willing to buckle down and help people.

This article originally appeared in the fall 2011 issue of In Part magazine.

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