To Our Core

Reflecting on the central values of the BIC Church

The science of reaching out

by Jeff Piepho · Why the Church’s witness must include answering—and asking—questions Read more »


A journey we weren’t “expecting”

by Andrew Meiser · For one family, relying on God meant opening its home to two new additions. Read more »

Come to the water

by R. Donald Shafer · Examining four distinctive beliefs the BIC Church holds baptism Read more »


A time of transition

by Charlie B. Byers · A look at how 60 years ago, God transformed the BIC Church into a more welcoming and loving community Read more »

A colt for Jesus

by Esther Spurrier · How the call to generosity extends to us all Read more »

From Christ to combat

by Bruxy Cavey · In the 300 years following Christ’s death, leaders in the Early Church disagreed about all sorts of issues, but they spoke unanimously about one: violence of any kind among followers of Christ. Read more »


The power to share

by Lynn Thrush · A visit to a local mosque brings new insight into outreach. Read more »


A gain or a loss?

by John Zuck · I remember expecting that following Jesus would be costly. I’d need to turn my back on all that was fun and instead lead a hard life. But I discovered that life in Christ does not doom us to lifelong misery and suffering. Read more »

Letting go of our lifeboats

by John Reitz · There will always come a time when we realize that our “safe places” are not truly secure. Read more »

In the Spirit of service

by Luke L. Keefer · “Service” is one of those words that falls too easily from the lips of Christians. But Jesus plainly told us that much of our doing good to others fails to achieve the level of Christian service. Read more »