To Our Core

Reflecting on the central values of the BIC Church

No boundaries

by Cynthia A. Wells · Christ’s call to limitless love of God and neighbor Read more »

Guardrails, centerlines, and travel lanes

by Rob Patterson · Limits and leeway on the highway of biblical interpretation Read more »

The beauty in the mess

by Sarah White · Following Jesus and finding community Read more »

Thou shalt not be bored

by Jonny Rashid · When we de-clutter our lives, we may be surprised by what’s left within us Read more »


When tensions bring possibility

by Adam Forry · Feeling the pull is a valuable part of our identity as Christ-followers Read more »

Letting go of appearances

by Ruth Dourte · The challenge to be clothed with Christ in order to share the good news Read more »


Continual fulfillment

by Mirta Colloca · Empowered by the Holy Spirit, one woman discovers her call to pastoral ministry Read more »

Coming home to grace

by Zach Spidel · One disciple’s journey to Jesus leads to unexpected places Read more »

A philosophy of love

by Jay Johnson · What the Civil Rights Movement and Anabaptism have in common Read more »


Empowering mission

by Christine A. Sharp · How BIC World Missions has helped shape an increasingly interdependent global Church Read more »