Parting Words

Thoughts from Perry Engle, bishop of the Midwest and Pacific Conferences

Following Jesus through sweat and tears

by Perry Engle · As afternoon turned to evening, on a hill a mile or so from the BIC Navajo Mission, I joined with a group of Native American men for a sweat in a homemade lodge. Read more »


by Perry Engle · Repairing the plaster walls of an old house is an ongoing chore, but this was no ordinary crack. Actually, it could better be described as a cut, or a gash, or even a wound, but it was time to fix it nonetheless. Read more »

From pro-life to all-life

by Perry Engle · Have you ever considered that the cause of the pro-life movement and the witness of Christians in general might be helped by broadening the definition of what it means to be pro-life? Read more »


God’s hilarious word

by Perry Engle · Finding comedy in the unexpected humanity in the Bible Read more »

A stewardship of life

by Perry Engle · Read more »

God bless America—and everyone else, for that matter

by Perry Engle · The phrase “God Bless America” has become so ubiquitous in American life, especially in evangelical circles... But there seem to be other meanings that have crept into the phrase as well, and these tend to make me more uneasy. Read more »

My Salvadoran baptism

by Perry Engle · Unexpected lessons learned from the family of faith in El Salvador Read more »

Beyond skin-deep salvation

by Perry Engle · I’ve wondered a lot about how much salvation has really taken hold in people’s messed up lives, and I’ve come to appreciate that getting people saved is just the first step along the way of helping them become truly converted. Read more »

Holy incarnation

by Perry Engle · I’ve always heard that Christ-followers are to “be in the world, but not of it.” And that’s great, except that living in the world makes it entirely unlikely that some of the world won’t find its way onto you. Read more »