Parting Words

Thoughts from Perry Engle, bishop of the Midwest and Pacific Conferences

The date in the front of my Bible

by Perry Engle · Of Pietism and one young man’s decision to follow Jesus Read more »


Bold, sweetened, with a little bit of room

by Perry Engle · Sometimes a denomination is like a good cup of coffee Read more »

O Canada . . . thank you

by Perry Engle · The new relationship between BIC Canada and BIC U.S. provides the opportunity to reflect on many encouraging interactions. Read more »

Perry Engle

“. . . I’m a lot like you were”

by Perry Engle · An “old man” and a few emerging leaders come together to imagine the Church of the future Read more »


God is not a spare tire

by Perry Engle · I’ve been trying to figure out if “praying like it all depends on God and working like it all depends on you” has any parallels in Scripture. Read more »

Bridging the Church’s generation gap

by Perry Engle · Our job isn’t to keep young people in the BIC but to love and follow Jesus, which just might accomplish the same thing Read more »


Exploring the Outer Banks of Christian unity

by Perry Engle · Unity wasn’t a given at our family reunion; it was a decision we made individually and corporately to focus on the higher good of being together. Read more »


In plenty or in want

by Perry Engle · I've determined that my commitment to a simple lifestyle has a lot more to do with the state of my heart than with the kind of car I’m driving. Read more »


Tim and Earl have a fight

by Perry Engle · It was a big deal when Tim and Earl found themselves in disagreement. But the biggest deal of all was how these brothers decided to handle the aftermath of their falling-out. Read more »

Of sheep and wolves

by Perry Engle · I’ve always liked commissioning services where pastors and others are blessed for work within the Church. But I’ve come to consider it a shame that we don’t go to the same lengths for those who head out into the workplace every day. Read more »