Parting Words

Thoughts from Perry Engle, bishop of the Midwest and Pacific Conferences

Fear and Peace

by Perry Engle · When the sky is falling, to whom do we turn? Read more »

Imagining a Church full of grace and truth

by Perry Engle · Lessons from conversations on homosexuality, the Gospel, and the BIC Church Read more »

Praying for rain in la-la land

by Perry Engle · Followers of Jesus need to take seriously the stewarding of the resources entrusted to us by God Read more »

A ministry of dirty dishes

by Perry Engle · Remembering that everything we do is for the furthering of God’s kingdom Read more »

The grand story

by Perry Engle · My exhilarating trek through the Bible in 90 days Read more »

True community

by Perry Engle · Peeling back the labels to reveal the stories of our neighbors Read more »


An elemental faith

by Perry Engle · Grace as the building block of who we are in Christ Read more »

Church of the open robe

by Perry Engle · One doctor’s prescription for becoming a more authentic faith community Read more »

Riding the winds of change

by Perry Engle · The Evangelical movement may have blown us out to sea, but it can also help us set a new course Read more »

The holiness workout

by Perry Engle · A call to experience a higher quality of life Read more »