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Praying for empowerment

BIC congregations across North America began the new year with a Week of Prayer and Fasting

by Jorilee Park

BIC congregations across North America began the new year with a Week of Prayer and Fasting. This year’s theme of becoming more dynamic through God’s empowering grace was supported by Praying for Empowerment, a devotional guide designed to help lead church members through the week with scripture, meditations, and prayers by Brethren in Christ pastors and leaders.

Creativity flowed as church leaders personalized the week’s theme to the local setting. For example, Jim Baker, pastor of the Heise Hill BIC Church (Gormley, ON), proposed that church members write a prayer request and their name on a blank card. The cards were then collected and redistributed along with the prayer booklets, so that each person was responsible for keeping a fellow church member in prayer. As congregants read through the booklet, they prayed for God to empower not only themselves, but also their prayer partner.

“The idea was to let someone else carry your personal burden for a week,” Jim explains. “My wife and I each picked up a request on the way out, and it has been amazing how God has drawn us to those particular individuals as we bring them before the throne of grace each morning.”

This article originally appeared in the spring 2008 issue of In Part magazine.

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