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Between sales and stewardship

by Devin Thomas

Nobody thinks of winning souls by selling copy machines,” claims Kevin Swope, of Hollowell BIC (Waynesboro, Pa.). “But that’s how churches get their message out—in bulletins and brochures.” A lifelong churchgoer by choice and a copy machine salesman by trade, Kevin knows that it takes a lot of copies for churches to get their message circulating—and he’s in a unique position to help them achieve that goal.

Since co-founding Dice Imaging—a Greencastle, Pa.–based office equipment company—in 2002, Kevin has installed machines for Antrim BIC (Chambersburg, Pa.) and Acts Fellowship Network (Shippensburg, Pa.). He estimates that about 60 percent of Dice’s total sales are in the non-profit market.

While bigger companies peddle complicated, expensive equipment, Kevin explains that Dice has a different philosophy: “If we can come in and give you the capability that you need and we can save you money, I’m excited about that.”

But Kevin’s not just out for the sale—he wants to serve, too. When New Guilford (Pa.) BIC received a rate quote from a copy machine supplier, Kevin knew Dice could offer a similar machine for half the price. Eventually, the competitor matched Dice’s price and New Guilford went with them, but Kevin still sees the situation as a victory: “Sure, we lost the bid, but if Dice hadn’t been involved, the church would have lost a lot of money.”

Kevin understands that part of Dice’s success comes from striking a balance between profit margins and personal service, between sales and stewardship. “People want to deal with Dice because we’re different,” he observes. “We bring a different set of principles to the table.”


This article originally appeared in the winter 2008 issue of In Part magazine.

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