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Back-to-school blessings

by Debra Bremer

In 2003 Pastor Oscar Burgueno Soto from Ojos Negros, Mexico, and David Watring, a lay leader at Crest Community Church in Riverside, Calif., founded the Kingdom Coalition, an international outreach organization that collects needed items, such as food, clothing, and medicine, donated by a network of California churches and transports them to Oscar, who then distributes them to the families of poor, migrant farm workers there.

Oscar’s heartfelt desire is to see the power of Jesus take root in the lives of these families, whose teens are often forced into drug trafficking due to lack of education and employment opportunities. Because families must often sacrifice necessities such as food to purchase school supplies for their children, the Coalition hosts a yearly back-to-school drive in September. This year’s effort provided a trailer full of notebooks, crayons, pencils, and pens to Mexican school children.

Currently, the California contingent of the Coalition is gathering Christmas gifts for over 300 children and eagerly anticipating a return to Ojos Negros in December for the third annual “Gran Posada Navidad.” The event celebrates the birth of Jesus and ends with a special holiday meal.

To support the Coalition, contact David at kingdomcoalition@sbcglobal.net.

This article originally appeared in the winter 2007 issue of In Part magazine.

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