Core Values

Articles about the central beliefs of the BIC

What’s hermeneutics got to do with it?

by Bruxy Cavey · The Bible: It’s God’s revelation to humankind and the believer’s touchstone for evaluating truth. But do we understand it? Read more »

Practically speaking

BIC members discuss the role of Scripture in their everyday lives Read more »

To the Point

The sacred Scriptures

Read more »

Turning toward abundance

by Rebekah Burch Basinger · Read more »

Where faith and politics meet

A council bridging denominational and ethnic boundaries prays for spiritual renewal in their community's congregations and city hall. Read more »

A higher commitment

by Ronald J. Sider · If we’re going to be Christians in politics, Jesus must be Lord—not instant effectiveness, not what the world thinks is right. Read more »

Torn between two kingdoms

by Darrell S. Winger · Political involvement as followers of Christ Read more »

Witnessing begins where we stand

by Craig E. Sider · Witnessing begins at home, but moves continually outward to all nations. Read more »

From Commandment to Commission

by Nancy R. Heisey · Creating a community in Christ Read more »

To the Point

Reflecting on short-term missions

What long-term value is found in short-term missions? Read more »