Core Values

Articles about the central beliefs of the BIC

To the Point

Diversity vs. demographics

Does your congregation tailor its ministries to a particular demographic? Read more »

A gain or a loss?

by John Zuck · I remember expecting that following Jesus would be costly. I’d need to turn my back on all that was fun and instead lead a hard life. But I discovered that life in Christ does not doom us to lifelong misery and suffering. Read more »

But why?

by David M. Csinos · The vital role of asking questions when God speaks to us. Read more »

The divine narrative

by Rebecca Spurrier · Through worship, we enter into the story of God’s relationship with us and with our world—a story so deep and so wide that we need every voice to tell it fully Read more »


Letting go of our lifeboats

by John Reitz · There will always come a time when we realize that our “safe places” are not truly secure. Read more »

In the Spirit of service

by Luke L. Keefer · “Service” is one of those words that falls too easily from the lips of Christians. But Jesus plainly told us that much of our doing good to others fails to achieve the level of Christian service. Read more »

Blessed by Praying with Lior

by Rebekah Burch Basinger · When we learned that our newborn grandson had Down syndrome, I worried about whether this precious boy would ever find a spiritual home. Then I happened upon the moving documentary Praying with Lior. Read more »

From pro-life to all-life

by Perry Engle · Have you ever considered that the cause of the pro-life movement and the witness of Christians in general might be helped by broadening the definition of what it means to be pro-life? Read more »


Called to suffer and not to fight

by Harriet Bicksler · Recognizing that God created each person in His image, we reject violence in all its forms. But we also reject the conclusion that peacemaking is passive. Read more »

Reading God’s restoration plan

by Alan Robinson · Read more »