Core Values

Articles about the central beliefs of the BIC

Come to the water

by R. Donald Shafer · Examining four distinctive beliefs the BIC Church holds baptism Read more »


You are here [and here and here]

by Warren L. Hoffman, with Kristine N. Frey · Viewing the BIC Church in North America as a full mosaic Read more »


Exploring the Outer Banks of Christian unity

by Perry Engle · Unity wasn’t a given at our family reunion; it was a decision we made individually and corporately to focus on the higher good of being together. Read more »

To the Point

BIC blessing

What is one way that you've been blessed by the unique community we have as BIC? Read more »

A time of transition

by Charlie B. Byers · A look at how 60 years ago, God transformed the BIC Church into a more welcoming and loving community Read more »

A colt for Jesus

by Esther Spurrier · How the call to generosity extends to us all Read more »

To the Point

The peace piece

Do you teach peace and nonviolence at your church? Read more »

Keeping the peace

by Harriet Sider Bicksler & Curtis Book · We say we’re committed to nonviolence, but do our actions and words agree? Read more »


From Christ to combat

by Bruxy Cavey · In the 300 years following Christ’s death, leaders in the Early Church disagreed about all sorts of issues, but they spoke unanimously about one: violence of any kind among followers of Christ. Read more »


The power to share

by Lynn Thrush · A visit to a local mosque brings new insight into outreach. Read more »