Core Values

Articles about the central beliefs of the BIC

Ever wondered . . . what’s community?

Defining community Read more »

The mosaic of us

by Alan Robinson, with Dulcimer Hope Brubaker · Where God artfully fits together our past, present, and future as Brethren in Christ Read more »

True community

by Perry Engle · Peeling back the labels to reveal the stories of our neighbors Read more »


Ever wondered . . . what’s nonconformity?

Defining nonconformity Read more »

Investigating nonconformity

Some resources to help explain our heritage and teachings on nonconformity . . . Read more »

Thou shalt not be bored

by Jonny Rashid · When we de-clutter our lives, we may be surprised by what’s left within us Read more »


Different and distinct

by Devin C. Manzullo-Thomas · Nonconformity’s invitation to a new reality Read more »


Reimagining nonconformity

by Patrick Cicero · A call to be transformed Read more »


An elemental faith

by Perry Engle · Grace as the building block of who we are in Christ Read more »

When tensions bring possibility

by Adam Forry · Feeling the pull is a valuable part of our identity as Christ-followers Read more »