Core Values

Articles about the central beliefs of the BIC

To the Point

Causes for Ministry

What is one ‘cause’ or issue—spiritual, social, or otherwise—that animates or motivates your ministry? Read more »

Praying for rain in la-la land

by Perry Engle · Followers of Jesus need to take seriously the stewarding of the resources entrusted to us by God Read more »

Ever wondered . . . what’s calling?

Defining calling Read more »

No boundaries

by Cynthia A. Wells · Christ’s call to limitless love of God and neighbor Read more »

Consecrated, Lord, to Thee

by Lynn Thrush · Responding to God’s call with whole-hearted dedication Read more »


Take your calling to work

by John Elton Pletcher · How people in any career can contribute to God’s mission in the world Read more »

Ever wondered . . . what’s application?

Defining application Read more »

Does the Bible tell me so?

Statistics regarding Bible readership in the U.S. Read more »

Guardrails, centerlines, and travel lanes

by Rob Patterson · Limits and leeway on the highway of biblical interpretation Read more »

Finding Unity in Diversity

by Fred Miller · How Christians can build our lives on God’s truth—even when we disagree Read more »