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Celebrating a milestone

Nicaragua BIC Church marks fifty years of ministry

Celebration and expectation marked the annual meeting of the Asociación Misión Evangélica de los Hermanos en Cristo en Nicaragua (Brethren in Christ Church in Nicaragua), held March 6–8, 2015, in Managua, Nicaragua. At that event, pastors, leaders, and laypeople from the conference’s 100-plus congregations came together to mark an important historical milestone: the fiftieth anniversary of BIC presence in Nicaragua.

Established in 1965, the Nicaraguan church owes its formation to North American missionaries Howard and Pearl Wolgemuth. After serving in Cuba until Fidel Castro’s 1959 Communist takeover forced them to evacuate, the Wolgemuths eventually set out for Nicaragua, where they established a BIC presence in the rural village of Esquipulas. What began as a mission of visitation, Bible study, and medical aid has grown into a thriving conference, autonomous since 2003. Today, the Nicaraguan church boasts more than 3,500 members—and a vision for growth through missionary activity and ambitious church planting.

This article originally appeared in the spring/summer 2015 issue of In Part magazine.

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