Stories from BIC churches

Blazing a new trail

by Devin C. Manzullo-Thomas · New Trail Fellowship, which has emerged out of a Bible study group, welcomes “country music lovers, cowboys, and country folk,” some of whom journey up to 50 miles to worship in the barn-turned-church. Read more »

Leaving home to find it

by Lisa Brown · A BIC family moves from suburbs to rural reaches of Canada to serve First Nations community. Read more »

Miracle at Frankford and Tioga

by Jane A. Clinton · By “planting seeds” of hope and faith in people who struggle with addictions and homelessness, the Valentins have helped make this Philadelphia neighborhood safer. Read more »

Back-to-school blessings

by Debra Bremer · Pastor Oscar Burgueno Soto and BIC lay leader David Watring founded the Kingdom Coalition to distribute needed items to the families of migrant farm workers in Mexico. Read more »