serving others

Many Anabaptists, one global body

MWC PA 2015 draws believers from all over the world Read more »

Backpacks for all

Ministry equips struggling families for a new school year Read more »

Fackler family

Meeting special needs

by Kelly Funk · How one woman’s availability to a child with special needs transformed the whole family. Read more »

Disarming witness

by Dulcimer Hope Brubaker · How one couple dares to share Christ on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Read more »

In the Spirit of service

by Luke L. Keefer · “Service” is one of those words that falls too easily from the lips of Christians. But Jesus plainly told us that much of our doing good to others fails to achieve the level of Christian service. Read more »

(In)voluntary service

by Chad Frey · How can people’s service be authentic if they lack the desire and are being forced into it? Yet, the act of getting involved can often transform the hearts and minds of even the most unwilling participants. Read more »

Glenn and Joyce Ginder

A real joy ride

by Meadow Piepho · Glenn and Joyce Ginder have been taking a drive down a new road in their lives . . . quite literally. Read more »

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