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Walking “enemy” lines

It took nearly a week for the 65 participants from Mennonite Central Committee and several other organizations to complete the 75-mile walk from Sasabe, Mexico to Tuscon, Ariz., in the grueling summer heat. View photos »

Blessed by Praying with Lior

by Rebekah Burch Basinger · When we learned that our newborn grandson had Down syndrome, I worried about whether this precious boy would ever find a spiritual home. Then I happened upon the moving documentary Praying with Lior. Read more »

Called to suffer and not to fight

by Harriet Bicksler · Recognizing that God created each person in His image, we reject violence in all its forms. But we also reject the conclusion that peacemaking is passive. Read more »

From pro-life to all-life

by Perry Engle · Have you ever considered that the cause of the pro-life movement and the witness of Christians in general might be helped by broadening the definition of what it means to be pro-life? Read more »


A higher commitment

by Ronald J. Sider · If we’re going to be Christians in politics, Jesus must be Lord—not instant effectiveness, not what the world thinks is right. Read more »

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