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To the Point

The Evangelical stream

How did Brethren in Christ respond to Evangelicalism in the early days of its influence on our community? Read more »

To the Point

The Wesleyan stream

What are some unexpected ways you’ve seen the Holy Spirit lead people into worship? Read more »

Rising hope

by Deb Wiles · How God’s love redeems the deepest wounds to offer new vision Read more »


Ever wondered . . . what's Anabaptism?

Defining the Anabaptist stream of our theological heritage. Read more »

O Canada . . . thank you

by Perry Engle · The new relationship between BIC Canada and BIC U.S. provides the opportunity to reflect on many encouraging interactions. Read more »

To the Point

The peace piece

Do you teach peace and nonviolence at your church? Read more »

Tim and Earl have a fight

by Perry Engle · It was a big deal when Tim and Earl found themselves in disagreement. But the biggest deal of all was how these brothers decided to handle the aftermath of their falling-out. Read more »

Keeping the peace

by Harriet Sider Bicksler & Curtis Book · We say we’re committed to nonviolence, but do our actions and words agree? Read more »


From Christ to combat

by Bruxy Cavey · In the 300 years following Christ’s death, leaders in the Early Church disagreed about all sorts of issues, but they spoke unanimously about one: violence of any kind among followers of Christ. Read more »

Mimi Copp

Mimi Copp

Although arrested for her actions, she had a hand in closing one of Philadelphia’s worst-offending gun distributors in 2009. Now, this peacemaker is going on a listening tour to discover new ways to serve those affected by war. Mimi Copp is ready for your questions. Read more »

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