Chasing after peace: An autobiography

by Harriet Sider Bicksler · How a shy missionary kid ended up becoming a peace and justice advocate in the Anabaptist tradition Read more »


A time of transition

by Charlie B. Byers · A look at how 60 years ago, God transformed the BIC Church into a more welcoming and loving community Read more »

To the Point

The peace piece

Do you teach peace and nonviolence at your church? Read more »

Tim and Earl have a fight

by Perry Engle · It was a big deal when Tim and Earl found themselves in disagreement. But the biggest deal of all was how these brothers decided to handle the aftermath of their falling-out. Read more »

Called to suffer and not to fight

by Harriet Bicksler · Recognizing that God created each person in His image, we reject violence in all its forms. But we also reject the conclusion that peacemaking is passive. Read more »

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