Core Values

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The sacred Scriptures

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Turning toward abundance

by Rebekah Burch Basinger · Read more »

Where faith and politics meet

A council bridging denominational and ethnic boundaries prays for spiritual renewal in their community's congregations and city hall. Read more »

A higher commitment

by Ronald J. Sider · If we’re going to be Christians in politics, Jesus must be Lord—not instant effectiveness, not what the world thinks is right. Read more »

Torn between two kingdoms

by Darrell S. Winger · Political involvement as followers of Christ Read more »

Witnessing begins where we stand

by Craig E. Sider · Witnessing begins at home, but moves continually outward to all nations. Read more »

From Commandment to Commission

by Nancy R. Heisey · Creating a community in Christ Read more »

To the Point

Reflecting on short-term missions

What long-term value is found in short-term missions? Read more »

Salvation and the restaurant

by Lynn Thrush · The Brethren in Christ Church, along with many other churches, is in these days describing salvation more broadly than as primarily an assent to the question “Will you receive Jesus Christ into your life so that you can go to heaven?” Read more »

Forsaking a halfway covenant

by Luke L. Keefer · Five ingredients for becoming a true disciple. Read more »

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