Core Values

A philosophy of love

by Jay Johnson · What the Civil Rights Movement and Anabaptism have in common Read more »


Empowering mission

by Christine A. Sharp · How BIC World Missions has helped shape an increasingly interdependent global Church Read more »

Perry Engle

“. . . I’m a lot like you were”

by Perry Engle · An “old man” and a few emerging leaders come together to imagine the Church of the future Read more »


The science of reaching out

by Jeff Piepho · Why the Church’s witness must include answering—and asking—questions Read more »


A journey we weren’t “expecting”

by Andrew Meiser · For one family, relying on God meant opening its home to two new additions. Read more »

God is not a spare tire

by Perry Engle · I’ve been trying to figure out if “praying like it all depends on God and working like it all depends on you” has any parallels in Scripture. Read more »

To the Point

Global fellowship

How are you connecting to, learning from, and serving with the worldwide family of faith? Read more »

No barriers between us

by Nancy J. Patrick · Enabling people of all (dis)abilities to take part in the community of faith Read more »


Come to the water

by R. Donald Shafer · Examining four distinctive beliefs the BIC Church holds baptism Read more »


You are here [and here and here]

by Warren L. Hoffman, with Kristine N. Frey · Viewing the BIC Church in North America as a full mosaic Read more »

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