Core Values

The wonder of God revealed

by Hank Johnson · Our call to be witnesses requires not only our actions but our very lives Read more »


Living a whole wheat Gospel

by Alan and Beth Claassen Thrush · Unrefined ingredients combine to create a nourishing community Read more »

To the Point

Reflecting on our values

Alan Robinsion, national director of BIC U.S., shares about how the BIC Core Values have spoken into his life Read more »


Tracing our history: Evangelicalism

A timeline of Evangelical thought and influence on the BIC Read more »

Letting go of appearances

by Ruth Dourte · The challenge to be clothed with Christ in order to share the good news Read more »


A mighty convergence

by Dulcimer Hope Brubaker · Shoring up our values in the wake of the Evangelical flood Read more »

To the Point

The Evangelical stream

How did Brethren in Christ respond to Evangelicalism in the early days of its influence on our community? Read more »

Riding the winds of change

by Perry Engle · The Evangelical movement may have blown us out to sea, but it can also help us set a new course Read more »

Tracing our history: Wesleyanism

A timeline of Wesleyan thought and influence on the BIC Read more »

Continual fulfillment

by Mirta Colloca · Empowered by the Holy Spirit, one woman discovers her call to pastoral ministry Read more »

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