More than homework

Ministering through an after-school program Read more »

New Life for New Life

A congregation opens old doors Read more »

Building homes, restoring dignity

Serving our neighbors in Mexico Read more »

Moving forward in mission

Pastors gather for summit on church planting Read more »

Celebrating a milestone

Nicaragua BIC Church marks fifty years of ministry Read more »


by Chelsea Dawn · When believers from South Florida crossed borders to share their faith, God didn’t just add to their number. He multiplied. Read more »


Church of the open robe

by Perry Engle · One doctor’s prescription for becoming a more authentic faith community Read more »


Young believers respond to a message shared at Vacation Bible School Read more »

The 500 hour gift

by Michael Shipman · One church admits it doesn’t have it all together—and uses that as a starting place for service Read more »

Wild formation

by Keith Miller · One church planter’s challenge to follow the (untameable and unpredictable) Holy Spirit Read more »

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