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Curing hate with love by Devin C. Manzullo-Thomas

Active peacemaking in a world at war

Brooke Strayer

Preparing to complete a one-year term in Zambia with Mennonite Central Committee’s S.A.L.T program, her heart beats for peacemaking. Ladies and gentlemen . . . Brooke Strayer.

Do all Anabaptists agree?

Findings from the 2014 Global Anabaptist Profile

Fear and Peace by Perry Engle

When the sky is falling, to whom do we turn?


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Ministering through an after-school program

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A congregation opens old doors

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Serving our neighbors in Mexico

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Reimagining the conversation on peace and nonviolence

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How three BIC leaders work for peace in their unique contexts

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Is the BIC U.S. peace position still relevant in our current context?

07.05.16 · Is war ever just?

Two leaders weigh in on the idea of a "just war"

11.11.15 · Many Anabaptists, one global body

MWC PA 2015 draws believers from all over the world

11.11.15 · Backpacks for all

Ministry equips struggling families for a new school year

11.11.15 · Shaken but not broken

Cyclone in Bihar wreaks havoc on an impoverished area

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It is tempting to dismiss the importance of good relationships by saying it is our relationship with Christ that counts. The reality is that a relationship with Christ places us in relationship with each other. None of us lives or dies unto ourselves.

John A. Byers (1934-2007), BIC Church leader