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Fulfilling an extraordinary call

The Search for (Eternally) Meaningful Work

Statistics regarding meaning and calling

No boundaries by Cynthia A. Wells

Christ’s call to limitless love of God and neighbor

A ministry of dirty dishes by Perry Engle

Remembering that everything we do is for the furthering of God’s kingdom


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03.05.15 · Ever wondered . . . what’s calling?

Defining calling

03.04.15 · Consecrated, Lord, to Thee

Responding to God’s call with whole-hearted dedication

03.03.15 · Take your calling to work

How people in any career can contribute to God’s mission in the world

02.25.15 · cALLing

Stories of everyday people loving God & neighbor in extraordinary ways

02.24.15 · Calling or career

Is there a difference between our “calling” and the everyday work we do at our jobs? Voices from our BIC community help us to distinguish between “calling” and “career.”

12.23.14 · Ever wondered . . . what’s application?

Defining application

12.23.14 · FOCUS

A scriptural salutation

12.23.14 · Does the Bible tell me so?

Statistics regarding Bible readership in the U.S.

12.23.14 · Guardrails, centerlines, and travel lanes

Limits and leeway on the highway of biblical interpretation

12.22.14 · Finding Unity in Diversity

How Christians can build our lives on God’s truth—even when we disagree

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Quote of the day

Natural life comes to an end in death; spiritual life does not. Death for the Christian is real, but transitional. The holy life concludes not with a death certificate but with a promotion to glory. Hallelujah!

Luke Keefer, Jr. (1940-2010), BIC theologian and teacher, Everything Necessary: God's Provisions for the Holy Life

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