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Bare feet and humble hearts

The United States of isolation

Statistics regarding a non-communal faith in the U.S.

The beauty in the mess by Sarah White

Following Jesus and finding community

True community by Perry Engle

Peeling back the labels to reveal the stories of our neighbors

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07.28.14 · Ever wondered . . . what’s community?

Defining community

07.25.14 · The mosaic of us

Where God artfully fits together our past, present, and future as Brethren in Christ

07.24.14 · Multiplicación

When believers from South Florida crossed borders to share their faith, God didn’t just add to their number. He multiplied.

07.24.14 · We have this hope

Local leaders from all over the country weigh in on their hopes and excitement about where God is leading us as a body of believers.

02.28.14 · Ever wondered . . . what’s nonconformity?

Defining nonconformity

02.28.14 · FOCUS

Accessing our history as nonconformists

02.28.14 · Investigating nonconformity

Some resources to help explain our heritage and teachings on nonconformity . . .

02.27.14 · Thou shalt not be bored

When we de-clutter our lives, we may be surprised by what’s left within us

02.26.14 · Different and distinct

Nonconformity’s invitation to a new reality

02.26.14 · Reimagining nonconformity

A call to be transformed

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You may say, "My faith story is not very dramatic." Who says it has to be big and dramatic? Even a little light pushes back the darkness.

John Hawbaker, BIC World Missions regional administrator for Europe & the Mediterranean

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