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A scriptural salutation

Does the Bible tell me so?

Statistics regarding Bible readership in the U.S.

Guardrails, centerlines, and travel lanes by Rob Patterson

Limits and leeway on the highway of biblical interpretation

The grand story by Perry Engle

My exhilarating trek through the Bible in 90 days


Other articles

12.23.14 · Ever wondered . . . what’s application?

Defining application

12.22.14 · Finding Unity in Diversity

How Christians can build our lives on God’s truth—even when we disagree

12.22.14 · Heritage & Horizons

Staying faithful to God’s word, then and now

12.22.14 · Barriers to truth

Members of our BIC community weigh in on the question: In today’s world, what is the biggest challenge to building our lives on God’s truth?

07.28.14 · Ever wondered . . . what’s community?

Defining community

07.28.14 · FOCUS

Bare feet and humble hearts

07.28.14 · The United States of isolation

Statistics regarding a non-communal faith in the U.S.

07.28.14 · The beauty in the mess

Following Jesus and finding community

07.25.14 · The mosaic of us

Where God artfully fits together our past, present, and future as Brethren in Christ

07.24.14 · Multiplicación

When believers from South Florida crossed borders to share their faith, God didn’t just add to their number. He multiplied.

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Quote of the day

We are called to submit ourselves to God so that something new can come.

Danisa Ndlovu, bishop of the BIC Church in Zimbabwe

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